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This supplementary privacy notice from Visa provides the additional information required by Federal Law No. 13,709/2018 - General Data Protection Law of Brazil ("LGPD"). These provisions và statements in the Global Visa Privacy Notice explain our practices with respect to Personal Information (term defined in the Global Privacy Notice) in Brazil.

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Information about Visa

This information is provided by Visa Inc. On behalf of itself & its affiliates:

Visa Inc.900 Metro Center Boulevard
Foster City, CA 94404USA

Visa Inc. Is headquartered in the United States. Our representative in Brazil is:

Visa vì chưng Brasil Empreendimentos Ltda.Address: Av. Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek, no 1.909, 3º andar, Torre Norte, Vila Nova Conceição, São Paulo/SP

Contact Visa"s global privacy department via e-mail at or write to:

Visa Global Privacy Office900 Metro Center Boulevard
Foster City, CA 94404USA

Collection và use of Personal Information

As described in the Visa Global Privacy Notice, some Personal Information is necessary for us to lớn establish a business relationship with you so that you can use our products and services, participate in promotions or enjoy benefits addressed lớn payment credentials (cards) issued under the Visa brands. Our registration forms indicate what Personal Information is required.

In addition lớn the Personal Information listed above, Visa also requests the provision of your Tax ID number to individualize the registration, avoid fraudulent registrations and, if necessary, facilitate the login & password recovery processes. Once a Tax ID number has been associated with a registered account, that number cannot be changed. Your Tax ID number will be used và protected in the same way as other personal information that you provide lớn us.

Visa also asks you for the day and month of your birthday in order to eventually provide offers và benefits on your birthday.

Visa"s Global Privacy Notice explains the purposes for which we process your Personal Information.

We may also process your Personal Information for our own legitimate interests or the legitimate interests of others, provided that such processing does not infringe your fundamental rights & freedoms or if we have another legal basis for the processing under data privacy law.

Automated decisions

We use profiling và analytics lớn understand how people use Visa cards and other products for product development và business information purposes. These analytics help us understand & improve our products, & to improve the services for customers, partners and consumers. We also use security and fraud analytics, for example, lớn identify the unauthorized use of Visa cards.

We bởi not make automated decisions about you that may affect you significantly unless (1) the decision is required as part of a contract we have with you or in which you are a party, (2) we have your specific consent, or (3) we are required by law khổng lồ use the technology.

Your Rights

You may choose how Visa will use your Personal Information whenever Visa acts as data controller with respect khổng lồ the custody & processing of your information. You always have the right to oppose our marketing communications.

Please lưu ý that Visa Advertising Solutions does not use thẻ Transaction Data in Brazil to lớn generate data products as the tool is not available in Brazil.

In compliance with the Brazilian LGPD, Visa respects & guarantees you the possibility of submitting requests based on the following rights:

Confirmation of processing;Access to lớn data;Correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data;Anonymization, blocking or deletion of unnecessary, excessive data;Data portability to another service provider or product, upon express request, as may be provided by the appropriate law;Deletion of data processed with your consent;Obtaining information about the public or private entities with which Visa shared your data;Information on the possibility of you not providing consent, as well as being informed about the consequences should consent not be given;Revocation of consent.

To exercise these rights, please write to lớn our Global Privacy Office at: and a thành viên of our privacy team will assist you. Please cảnh báo that we may need lớn verify your identity before we process your request.

If Visa is processing your Personal Information as a data processor, you will receive our customer"s contact details (e.g. The Visa thẻ issuer) to lớn obtain support with your requests directly with this partner. Visa supports its customers by responding to lớn requests as required by law.

We emphasize that your request, regarding your rights as data subject, may be legally rejected, either for formal reasons (such as your inability to lớn prove your identity) or legal reasons (such as the request for deletion of data whose maintenance is required or permitted by law). Be sure that, in the event of impossibility of fulfilling these requests, Visa will provide reasonable justification.

If you believe that we are processing your Personal Information in violation of applicable law, you may also tệp tin a complaint with Visa"s Data Protection Officer, who may be contacted at Visa"s Global Privacy Office, or with a supervisory authority.

Sharing Personal Information

As noted in Visa"s Global Privacy Notice, we may tóm tắt your Personal Information with the financial institution (or other entity) that issued your Visa card (or other payment mechanism) & with our Affiliates, merchants, other financial institutions and third parties as necessary to process transactions, manage risks & fraud, provide services to such entities and for similar purposes (e.g., investigate & resolve disputed charges, apply a commercial promotion you are involved in) and comply with applicable law.

We may tóm tắt your Personal Information with our service providers, who are required to protect it by law or contract & use it in accordance with our instructions.

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International Transfers

In accordance with Visa"s Global Privacy Notice, your Personal Information may be transferred, stored or processed in the United States, Singapore, australia and other countries that may not have equivalent privacy or data protection laws.

In general, we use standard contractual clauses khổng lồ ensure that Personal Information is adequately protected when transferred outside Brazil, but we may also make transfers using other mechanisms as permitted by law.

Please contact us at if you would like more information about international transfers.

Duration of processing and retention of Personal Information

We will retain your Personal Information as long as it is necessary for the purposes phối out above and for any additional period that may be required or permitted by law. The period in which your Personal Information is retained depends on the purposes for which it was collected, how it is used, & the requirements khổng lồ comply with applicable laws. You may request the deletion of your Personal Information via thư điện tử at or by writing lớn the Global Privacy Office at the address above. If we vì chưng not have a legal basis for retaining your information, we will delete it in accordance with applicable law.

U.S. Citizens won’t need to obtain a visa for leisure or business travel to Brazil until 2025. Here’s what khổng lồ know about the forthcoming visa requirement.


Travelers from several countries, including the United States, will soon need visas to see the sights in Rio de Janeiro và elsewhere in Brazil.

Brazil’s government has once again postponed the start date for tourist visa requirements.

For the past five years Brazil has waived visa requirements for some travelers, including those from the United States, as a means lớn boost tourism to lớn the country. However, in mid-2023, the South American nation announced it was changing course & would soon require nationals from the United States, Canada, and australia to come equipped with an e-visa to enter Brazil.

Originally, the newly reinstated visa requirement was scheduled khổng lồ go into effect on October 1, 2023, but it was pushed back until January 10, 2024, then until April 10, 2024, and now again until April 10, 2025.

The Brazilian Tourist Board said the reason for the postponement was due to lớn needing additional time to lớn “complete the process of implementing the requirement system e-visa and prevent the change from interfering with the flow of tourists from these countries to lớn Brazil during the high season.”

When it goes into effect, the e-visa will cost $81 per person and will be available online at Once obtained, the electronic visa will be valid for 10 years for U.S. Citizens và for 5 years for Canadian và Australian visitors, allowing for multiple entries within that time frame.

According khổng lồ Brazilian authorities, the processing time for the new e-visa will be up lớn five business days. However, “we strongly recommend that you apply for your e-visa two months before your travel to Brazil,” authorities advise in the FAQ portion of the e-visa website, noting that applying two months in advance will allow for adequate time khổng lồ complete the application and correct it, if needed.

To obtain the e-visa, you will simply go to lớn the website and register. You will need to provide the required personal information and passport details. For minors, an e-visa application will need lớn be completed by one or both parents. Then you will be prompted to pay the fee. After, an email will be sent confirming whether your application was approved, rejected, or if additional documents are needed. If approved, a pdf file containing your e-visa will be emailed to you. Travelers should download and print their Brazil e-visa to lớn present lớn authorities during boarding & upon arrival in Brazil.

Brazil authorities advise printing two physical copies of your e-visa and also capturing a screenshot of it on your di động device.

Unlike a consular visa that requires an in-person visit khổng lồ an embassy or consulate, the e-visa process will be entirely online and will not require an in-person appointment.

In a press release, the government said the reason for implementing the visa requirement is that the United States, Canada, and nước australia don’t currently offer reciprocity, meaning that Brazilian nationals have to lớn apply và pay for visas khổng lồ enter those three countries. In the United States, that means Brazilian travelers are required to lớn make an appointment at their nearest embassy, prove they have the means to pay for their trip, & pay $185 for a U.S. Visa, even if they are just transiting through the country.

Since 2019, citizens from those three countries, as well as Japan, have been allowed to lớn visit Brazil for business or pleasure without a visa, provided they stay less than 90 days, with the possibility of an extension of up khổng lồ 180 days. (In 2016, Brazil temporarily waived visa requirements lớn encourage travelers to visit around the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.) Between November 2017 và June 2019, travelers from those countries needed lớn apply online for a tourist visa, which cost $40 plus a $4 service fee. (Prior lớn November 2017, the cost was $160 và required a visit to lớn a Brazilian consulate or visa center.)

In a statement, the Brazilian government said it would continue “negotiating visa exemption agreements with these three countries, based on principles of reciprocity & equality between states,” so there is a possibility that the new visa requirement would be waived if the United States, Australia, và Canada were to throw out their visa requirements for Brazilians.

Brazil and japan have already reached an agreement: Japanese tourists can continue to lớn travel to Brazil without a visa, & Brazilian visitors will be able khổng lồ go to japan visa-free.

Last year, the European Union also decided to lớn postpone its pretravel registration program, also known as the European Travel Information và Authorization System (ETIAS), after hitting several roadblocks. It is now slated for sometime in the first half of 2025, at which time any U.S. Citizen who wants khổng lồ travel khổng lồ the 27 thành viên countries of Europe’s Schengen Area will need lớn register with ETIAS ahead of time or risk being turned away at the border.

This story was originally published in September 2023 và was updated on April 23, 2024, lớn include current information.

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