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With a Visa Debit Card, you can access your funds 24/7 & make purchases at millions of locations that accept Visa.

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We’ve updated our offerings lớn match the real-life needs of our cardholders. Get lớn know our benefits.



This unique 16-digit number is printed on your Visa debit card. To siêu thị online or by phone, you’ll need this number, along with your card’s expiration date và CVV number.

Select the items or service you want lớn purchase và head to check out.At kiểm tra out, enter your debit thẻ information: 16-digit thẻ number, expiration date and CVV code.Make sure you’ve used the correct billing address for your debit card.

A Visa Debit thẻ works basically lượt thích a check. The amount of your purchase is deducted directly from your checking account.

You can use your Visa Debit card to:

Place an order online, by phone or mail
Get money out of an ATM using your PINSwipe or insert (chip)² your thẻ at merchants that don’t require a signature

And with a Visa Debit thẻ you have the added security of Visa, too. & that includes Visa’s Zero Liability Policy¹—which protects you from fraudulent charges.

¹Visa"s Zero Liability policy does not apply to lớn certain commercial card and anonymous prepaid card transactions or transactions not processed by Visa. Cardholders must use care in protecting their card và notify their issuing financial institution immediately of any unauthorized use & for additional details.²EMV* cards include a secure microprocessor chip that performs cryptographic processing during a payment transaction. In an EMV transaction, which includes dynamic data, the thẻ is first authenticated, followed by verification of the cardholder. The transaction is then authorized online or offline, according to lớn issuer-determined risk parameters.*EMV is an open standard phối of specifications for cpu cards và acceptance devices.

With your Visa Debit card,you can sign for your purchases, or in some cases enter a pin sạc when a merchantprovides a pin pad. In other instances, youcan pay without signing or entering a PIN, generally for purchases below $25(or below $50 at grocery stores).

When you sign for your purchases, you get security protections that help prevent, detect và resolve fraud. Many rewards programs also require you to sign lớn collect rewards points. You will also receive added security protection for online, phone và mail orders, và for transactions up to $50 that don"t require your signature.

If you’re using your thẻ with a sạc pin pad or terminal, you may still be able to lớn sign for your transaction. On some terminals, you may be required to lớn swipe or insert your card without selecting CREDIT/DEBIT. In these cases, you may press CANCEL to sign or tell the cashier you want khổng lồ sign for your purchase.

When you press CREDIT for a Visa Debit card transaction, you vị not pay a credit thẻ fee or interest. Your Visa Debit thẻ still works lượt thích a debit card, not a credit card.

If you use your pin sạc for your Visa Debit thẻ transactions without signing, you may not receive the same security protections for transactions not processed by Visa.

You can get cash back when you use your Visa Debit card at many merchant locations. To get cash back, press DEBIT instead of CREDIT. You will be prompted to lớn enter your PIN and select the amount of cash that you want khổng lồ complete the transaction.

When using your thẻ to withdraw cash at an ATM not owned by your financial institution, both your financial institution và the ATM owner may charge a fee. The ATM owner is required khổng lồ tell you that a fee is being charged & how much it is.

Many Visa Debit cards have daily cash withdrawal limits of up to lớn $1,000. Daily spending limits may be higher. These limits are meant khổng lồ protect you in case your card is lost or stolen. Your thẻ may be declined if you make daily purchases that exceed your daily withdrawal limit, even if you know you have plenty of funds in your checking account. You should contact your financial institution for more information on purchase & ATM withdrawal limits.

Whenyou pay at the pump, some thẻ issuers place a “hold” on their cardholders’ funds in anticipation of the final transaction amount, khổng lồ help ensure their cardholders’ accounts bởi not become overdrawn. Gas merchants do not place trương mục holds. If you have questions about a hold on your tài khoản related to lớn a fuel purchase transaction, please liên hệ your card issuer.

Account deductions may not be applied immediately when the final amount isn"t known. Visa has established these processes khổng lồ protect Visa Debit card issuers, merchants và cardholders.

For these types of purchases, Visa Debit thẻ issuers may earmark cardholder funds lớn cover the estimated cost of the transaction. While most transactions have a hold of less than 24 hours, Visa protects cardholders by requiring issuers or financial institutions to lớn remove all holds within 72 hours.

Some account alert amounts, including online statements, may not reflect the final amount—especially at merchants where the final amount isn’t known such as restaurants và pay-at-the-pump fueling. The account alert amount may not be the final transaction amount that will post on your statement. Your online statement should reflect the final amount of the transaction by the next business day.

Car rental companies and hotels may require you to present a credit thẻ when making a reservation. However, you may use your Visa Debit card when you pay the bill for the rental or hotel.


How your Visa Debit thẻ protects you from fraud

Every time you make a purchase, there are security protections that automatically help prevent fraud, including:

Visa"s Zero Liability Policy. This policy protects you from unauthorized charges if your card is lost or stolen.* You’re 100% protected—whether the purchases occurred online or in person.**Continuous fraud monitoring. Visa monitors activity on your debit thẻ around the clock to help detect suspicious activity.Your card’s 3-digit security code. Your debit card includes a 3-digit security code khổng lồ verify your identity for phone or online purchases.

What to do if there"s a problem

Fraudulent activity.If you notice fraudulent activity on your Visa Debit card, promptly contact your financial institution. Monitoring your transactions regularly will help you identify any unauthorized activity.Lost or stolen card.If your thẻ is lost or stolen, tương tác your financial institution immediately.

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*Certain restrictions, limitations, và exclusions apply và benefit configuration may vary. Please refer khổng lồ your Guide lớn Benefits or liên hệ your financial institution for full program terms và conditions, and to confirm specific coverage levels.**Visa"s Zero Liability policy does not apply to certain commercial card & anonymous prepaid thẻ transactions or transactions not processed by Visa. Cardholders must use care in protecting their card và notify their issuing financial institution immediately of any unauthorized use & for additional details.

Honor the brave, wherever you go.

It’s a bank card that lets you easily access money in your checking account. Use it instead of cash or checks for everyday purchases, such as gas and groceries. You can also use it khổng lồ pay bills and make online purchases.

When you use a debit card, the money is taken out of your checking trương mục immediately. You must have enough money in your tài khoản to pay for the purchase. There is no credit or bill to be paid later.

If you’re paying in person, swipe, insert or tap your thẻ at checkout. You may be asked for your sạc or signature.

For online & phone purchases and transactions, provide your thẻ number, expiration date và CVV code. If you don’t have your card handy, you can access your card information via virtual card.

You may also use your debit thẻ as an ATM card. Just insert your card và enter your PIN.

Pay for purchases anywhere: It’s accepted at millions of retailers worldwide.Never miss a payment: mix up recurring payments and tự động pay.

Open a U.S. Bank checking account & then do any one of the following:

Log in through the di động app và go to lớn Manage cards
.Log in via online banking & go lớn Customer Service.Visit a nearby U.S. Bank branch. 

We’ll mail your thẻ to you. Your pin sạc will arrive separately for your safety. Once you receive them, activate your card.






The CVV (card verification value) on a debit thẻ is the three-digit number found on the back of the card. It provides additional safety và security for your account and reduces fraudulent use.

Yes. A business debit card lets you make purchases directly from your U.S. Bank business checking trương mục anywhere Visa is accepted in person, online or over the phone.

You can opt into ATM và Debit card Overdraft Coverage. If you say ‘yes’ khổng lồ this coverage, U.S. Ngân hàng may pay ATM & everyday debit card transactions that would result in a negative available balance in your account and cause a fee. If you say ‘no’, these transactions will be declined, & you won’t be charged an Overdraft Paid Fee. Overdraft coverage does not apply to the Safe Debit account.

Yes. If you have an eligible card, you’re automatically enrolled & will receive cash-back deals when available. Cash-back đơn hàng are personalized lớn you & are deposited directly into your checking account.

Close và replace your thẻ on the mobile app, online or by calling us. We’ll deactivate it và send you a new one. You’ll also have the option to just lock your card, so you have time lớn look for it.

Text messaging fees
– For text alerts, standard messaging charges apply through your mobile carrier and message frequency depends on trương mục settings. Kiểm tra with your carrier for specific fees & charges. Please be advised that the alerts may not be sent immediately.

Mobile device access fees – The U.S. Ngân hàng Mobile ứng dụng is không lấy phí to download. Your smartphone carrier may charge access fees depending upon your individual plan. Web access is needed lớn use the di động app. Kiểm tra with your carrier for specific fees and charges. Some thiết bị di động features may require additional online setup. Any fees for optional transactions will be identified during registration for these services và during their use.

By clicking Apply, you authorize your wireless carrier to use or disclose information about your account and your wireless device, if available, khổng lồ us or our service provider for the duration of your business relationship, solely to help us identify you or your wireless device và to prevent fraud. See our Privacy Policy for how we treat your data.

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