Latam Vip Lounge At São Paulo International Airport : Plaza Premium Lounge Entry

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I found myself on a long layover at São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport ( on a cheap LATAM economy ticket that did not include lounge access.

After roaming around the terminal for a while, I quickly realized that if I wanted khổng lồ visit a “sala VIP,” I would need khổng lồ pay.

So, despite my best efforts to save money by booking that cheap plane ticket, I ended up paying for luggage (a silly mistake on my part) & lounge access. The moral of the story — just fly in business class!

The good news is that the LATAM VIP Lounge was quite good and I really enjoyed my visit.

Let’s take a look at the details.

What Is the Latam VIP Lounge?

Extra seating at LATAM VIP Lounge
The LATAM VIP Lounge, also known as Sala VIP LATAM, is a solid lounge owned và operated by LATAM Airlines at

This lounge is often referred lớn as one of the best lounges in São Paulo, so I was excited to finally kiểm tra it out.

With a modern design and xuất hiện layout overlooking the international terminal, the space calls attention as you walk by và is just as impressive when you walk in.


The LATAM VIP Lounge is located in Terminal 3 at, on the second floor, after you pass through security & immigration.

After a quick peek at the duty-free shops, you can take the escalator up khổng lồ the mezzanine level, where most lounges (sala VIPs) are.

The entrance to the LATAM VIP Lounge is immediately on your left when you reach the đứng đầu of the escalator & stairs, so it is hard khổng lồ miss.

The LATAM VIP Lounge is xuất hiện 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Gaining Entry

At first, I attempted lớn visit the Espaço Banco Safra Lounge with my Priority Pass membership but was told that it only accepts Priority Pass after 11 p.m. Since that was after my flight was due lớn depart, I moved on. Note that W Lounge Guarulhos in Terminal 3, another Priority Pass lounge, was not participating in the program during the time of my visit in October 2022.

I headed over khổng lồ the LATAM VIP Lounge to see my options. Flying in economy from to JFK on LATAM (with no elite status), I knew there would be a charge lớn get in.

The front desk at the LATAM VIP Lounge
The LATAM VIP Lounge is visatot.complimentary for đen Signature LATAM Pass cardholders, LATAM passengers flying Premium Business or Premium Economy class, Delta passengers flying Delta One business class, rồng Pass, and Visa Airport visatot.companion Pass members.

For other LATAM or Delta passengers, there are paid options to get in; $120 for a full visit or $60 within 3 hours of your flight.

Since I had just under 4 hours until my flight, I opted to walk around the airport a bit & then went back khổng lồ pay $60.

Hot Tip:

If you have a Priority Pass membership that includes restaurants, you can access 4 restaurants that accept Priority Pass at, including 3 in Terminal 3. Not all of these options were participating in Priority Pass when I visited in October 2022.

First Impressions

I entered the LATAM VIP Lounge with tempered expectations because Brazil isn’t necessarily known for its fancy lounges. That said, I was quite impressed as I walked in.

Lots of seating options at the LATAM VIP Lounge
The space is clean, modern, và very spacious. The open-air ceiling that overlooks the terminal makes the lounge feel bigger than it is — và it is large at almost 20,000 square feet.

Before getting settled, I walked around the lounge khổng lồ get my bearings và figure out where I wanted to sit.

No matter what you were planning on doing at the lounge, whether it be work, eating, drinking, playing clip games, or watching a sporting event, there were seating options for all.


There was plenty of seating throughout the lounge, starting with sofa and bar stools at the bar near the entrance.

Bar seating at the LATAM VIP Lounge
In the dining room, there were small 2-top tables and benches.

Dining room tables at the LATAM VIP Lounge
Meanwhile, there were plenty of seats và sofas in what felt more lượt thích a living room area, thanks lớn the TVs. And, if you wanted to catch a soccer match, there were special seats for that, too.

TV section at the LATAM VIP Lounge
Or, if you prefer people-watching, grab a chair overlooking the terminal below.

Chairs overlooking the terminal at the LATAM VIP Lounge
I took a bench in the dining area, as that provided me with a nice mix of tables for work/eating & access lớn outlets.

Dining room area at the LATAM VIP Lounge

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage offerings were good — nothing outstanding as you might find in a United Polaris Lounge or a Singapore First Class Lounge — but they were above-average visatot.compared to other airport lounges I have visited in Brazil.


All of the food options were self-service, and there was plenty of staff who were constantly cleaning & replenishing anything that needed attention.

There was a little bit of everything, hot and cold items, healthy và not-so-healthy options.

For cold and healthy, there were some chicken Caesar salads available.

Chicken Caesar salad at the LATAM VIP Lounge
There were a few different options for premade sandwiches.

Sandwiches at the LATAM VIP Lounge
I also found fruits & pastries off to the side.

Fruit at the LATAM VIP Lounge
If you were looking for something more filling, there was also a hot buffet station.

Hot buffet at the LATAM VIP Lounge
The chicken & beef options were smothered in thick sauces, which I passed on.

Meat và chicken options at the LATAM VIP Lounge
And there were 2 options for pasta, including some stuffed shells, which looked pretty decent.

Pasta dish at the LATAM VIP Lounge
However, a Brazilian airport lounge isn’t visatot.complete without some stale cheese bread (pão de queijo)!

My guilty pleasure, pão de queijo.

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There weren’t many dessert options, but there were some mini cheesecakes & dulce de leche cups.

Dessert at the LATAM VIP Lounge
Since I wasn’t too hungry, I grabbed a sandwich và chips.

Not healthy, but it hit the spot.


I was quite impressed with the drink selection at the LATAM VIP Lounge.

Wine options at the LATAM VIP Lounge
I found a wide variety of coffee and water.

Coffee và water station at the LATAM VIP Lounge
There was also a fresh-squeezed orange juice machine.

Orange juice machine at the LATAM VIP Lounge
A full bar featured self-serve Heineken on tap.

Heineken at the LATAM VIP Lounge
The lounge had a pretty solid wine selection, including Chandon sparkling wine — which is not inexpensive in Brazil.

Wine options at the LATAM VIP Lounge
There were also plenty of refrigerators stocked with sodas, beer, và more.

Soda and beer fridge at the LATAM VIP Lounge
Needless to say, you won’t go thirsty here.


The LATAM VIP Lounge is big, spacious, and well-executed. Everything you need is available.

That said, on paper, it is a relatively simple lounge. No Fireside Lounge or signature cocktails, but there was plenty of seating, & the food was decent.


Like any lounge, one of the best perks is using a clean bathroom instead of the crowded ones in the main terminal.

Restroom entrance at the LATAM VIP Lounge
Showers were available on a first-visatot.come, first-served basis.

Shower stalls at the LATAM VIP Lounge
And all bathroom stalls had their own sink, which is nice if you want lớn freshen up before a flight.

Private bathrooms at the LATAM VIP Lounge

Game Room

While some might consider this a kid’s room, I didn’t see any kids in this area. It was pretty full of adults at one point playing video clip games.

Video game area at the LATAM VIP Lounge
With FIFA, Xbox, and không tính phí beer, this is not a bad place khổng lồ hang out with friends!


One of the most critical parts of a lounge nowadays is the wireless internet. The LATAM VIP Lounge did not disappoint.

Wireless mạng internet speed kiểm tra at the LATAM VIP Lounge
During my 3-hour visit, I consistently had a strong signal on my phone and with speeds over 30 Mbps, which is more than enough for what most people need in a lounge.

Staff and Service

Overall, I only had positive interactions with the staff.

Most of the food and beverage was self-service, and the staff constantly refilled & cleaned the entire area.

I also appreciated the desk agent who told me that if I waited 30 more minutes before paying lớn get in that I would save 50%. Easily worth $60 khổng lồ stroll around the terminal for a bit!

Final Thoughts

A glass of Chandon at the LATAM VIP Lounge
All said và done, I had a great visit to the LATAM VIP Lounge.

Although I would have preferred not to pay and use my Priority Pass next door, the LATAM option was easily worth $60 for my 3-hour visit.

The lounge was spacious, there was plenty of seating, the Wi-Fi was strong, & the food and drinks were solid. If I were in a similar circumstance, I wouldn’t hesitate to visit again!

Featured Image Credit: Chris Hassan. All images credited khổng lồ Chris Hassan unless otherwise noted.



The W Lounge São Paulo ( is the exclusive lounge in Terminal T1.Elegance, visatot.comfort and exclusivity are the main qualities that our lounges convey. The space is welvisatot.coming và allows customers to lớn enjoy a wonderful experience, from the moment they arrive at the airport, lớn preparing for boarding.The W Premium Group has VIP lounge access programs such as: Lounge key, Priority Pass & Visa Airport visatot.companion.

* You must tải về the application of the program you want khổng lồ use and kiểm tra all access conditions.

The Lounge also has direct partners: C6 Bank, Inter, Sisprime & Credicoamo.Customers can also purchase access by paying directly at reception. The cost is BRL 180.00 reais & includes a varied local gastronomic offer (there are also gluten-free options available), a drinks menu including alcoholic drinks, soft drinks và hot drinks. Offers plugs for chargers throughout the room, Wi
Fi and shower (the shower service is an extra service that the customer can showroom to their purchase).

Terminal 2


Terminal 2 – Domestic departures area Daily, from 5 am khổng lồ 11 pm​ Reservation & information center: +55 11 93420-4493 - brazil
Plaza Premium Lounge (Domestic Departures, Terminal 2) | plaza premium lounge

A lounge for all travelers, regardless of airline, flight class or credit card status. Learn more about the Plaza Premium Lounge here.With a breathtaking view, this lounge is an architectural masterpiece of modern design and sustainability, providing the perfect balance between a space for work và relaxation, entertainment & dining experience. Lounge offerings include a wide selection of food và drinks, ranging from hot dishes and fresh food to lớn a wide range of soft drinks và alcoholic beverages. We also have showers, high-speed Wi-Fi, workstations, Kids space, TV channels, international newspapers và digital magazines and, for those who need a little more privacy, we offer a visatot.comfortable và exclusive conference room, ideal for meetings.

* Entrance for adults is BRL 215.00 for 3 hours of lounge access and  BRL 140,00 for 1 hour of lounge access.* AMEX Cards issued abroad, Capital One (Venture) Visa Airport visatot.companion App và Dragon
Pass customers can enjoy visatot.complimentary access. 


Terminal 2 - Check-in D Daily, from 5am to 10pm.​ Reservation & information center: +55 11 93420-4493 - brazil

A lounge for all travelers, regardless of airline, flight class or credit card status. Learn more about the Plaza Premium Lounge here.The environment is inclusive & suitable for the different moments of the passenger in their arrivals, departures và in transit of national và international trips. It also functions as a meeting point for our recently launched Meet & Assist Allways service in food & beverage service, sparkling wine, meeting room và digital magazines. Wi-fi và other amenities of a VIP lounge.

* Entrance for adults is BRL 175.00 for 3 hours of lounge access and  BRL 115,00 for 1 hour of lounge access.* AMEX Cards issued abroad, Capital One (Venture) Visa Airport visatot.companion App và Dragon
Pass customers can enjoy visatot.complimentary access.

Terminal 2 - Domestic boarding area (Mezzanine) 
 ​Daily - 6:00 a.m at 00:00 p.m 
​ ​Contact: +55 11 2445-3929
Terminal 2
 - International boarding area 
Smiles’ Diamond và Gold customers, và Mastercard Smiles Platinum credit cards users, passengers in GOL Premium Class, travelers in First Class và Business Class with Delta, Air France / KLM & other partner visatot.companies, in addition to Sky
Miles Diamond, Platinum và Gold Medallion clients, on flights operated by GOL and Delta Can enjoy the International GOL Premium Lounge at Airport for free. Air France/KLM"s Flying xanh Platinum và Gold members on international flights connecting with GOL also have access.
Differentials: không tính tiền Wi
Fi, cable TV, newspapers, magazines, free selection of drinks, special menu for each meal of the day, business center, shower rooms with nhà wc kit, & cotton towel.

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